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What Is Exceptional Service?

Exceptional Service goes beyond just letting expectations, it involves building genuine and meaningful connections with Clients & Guests. When you anticipate their neeeds and deliver personalized experiences, it will leave a long lasting impression.

Peter Herbert

Peter Herbert has demonstrated that he has what it takes to be a Leader and a Coach and is very well respected simply because he is such a genuine person and it is his genuine caring and leadership that has inspired many people to evoke a similar focus on having successful careers and family lives.

Peter is also a problem solver and he has the ability to notice what others overlook. His approach to helping businesses grow is respectful and he always shows up in an authentic manner.

He has always taken a deep interest in the lives of the people he leads in his Professional life and Peter always takes time to check in with family, friends and colleagues to offer his positive outlook on life.

He has been providing “Exceptional Service and Exceptional Engagement” for decades and it all started at the young age of 8 years old when he took on his first job as a Newspaper Carrier.

His love for “serving others” showed almost immediately when he was a young child, as he did things that allowed his entrepreneurial spirit to show signs of not only wanting to succeed, but wanting to succeed by helping others.

He has worked in Retail (Department Stores), in Hospitality (Restaurants, Hotels & Night Clubs), in a Professional Establishments (Law Firms & Financial Services). The experiences and life skills that he gained from these opportunities allowed him to develop into the Professional that he is today.

Peter started out his Automotive Career in 2001 and throughout his career he has worked in, and with, Top Producing Dealerships throughout Canada. He has been mentored by some of the best in the business and has many years of experience providing “Exceptional Service and Exceptional Engagement”​.

When you have the opportunity to meet Peter, you will be amazed at how “engaging”​ he is and how much he cares about seeing people “Decide”​, “Commit”​, “EXECUTE”, and “Succeed”.

Peter is a versatile individual with many attributes, not the least of which is his ability to connect with Leadership, Staff and Clients / Guests.

It all starts with Engagement!

Engagement is many things and is all about elevating what would normally just be transactional, and turning it into a genuine and meaningful relationship by providing an exceptional experience in all aspects.