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Automotive Sector Performance Coaching & Development

These Services are designed to help your Management Team, Sales Team, Portfolio Management Department Team, Internet Department Team, Client Relations Centre | Business Development Centre Team, Financial Services Office Team, and Fixed Operations Team to better assist your Clients / Guests and generate more profit.

Peter Herbert Consulting Services (PHCS) is committed to providing Performance Development and Motivational Coaching to your Management Team, Sales Team, Portfolio Department Team, Internet Department Team, Client Relations Centre | Business Development Centre Team, Financial Services Office Team, and your Fixed Operations Teams.

In addition, Peter Herbert Consulting Services provides their own Client Relations Centre, Management Support & Relief Services (for Holidays and Temporary Coverage) and we also Facilitate and Host many different types of Dealer Sale & Performance Coaching Events.

We have had the opportunity to work with many different OEM’s (Acura, Audi, BMW, FCA {Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, ProMaster}, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia, Land Rover, Lincoln, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota & Volkswagen) and Dealerships across the Country and our tried and tested system, “The T3 System”, has been proven to be very successful.

The T3 System is based on many years of experience in the Automotive, Retail Client Service, and Hospitality Industries and has helped many people become better today than they were yesterday, and it has also assisted them in providing “Exceptional Experiences” for their Clients / Guests.

1. Performance Coaching & Development

       • Management Performance Coaching & Development

       • Showroom Representative Performance Coaching & Development

       • Financial Services Office Performance Coaching & Development

       • Portfolio Department Performance Coaching & Development

       • Internet Department Performance Coaching & Development

       • Client Relations Centre (BDC) Performance Coaching & Development

       • Fixed Operations Team Performance Coaching & Development

2. Phone Performance Coaching & Development

3. Lease Performance Coaching & Development

4. Portfolio Management

5. Special Events / Dealer Sale & Performance Coaching Events

6. Call Centre

7. Management Support & Relief Services

– The Change Philosophy

– Organizing Peak Performance

– The Champion Checklist

– Who Is The Client / Guest

– The Cost Of Success

– What Is Value?

– Listening & Communicating

– How Well Are You Listening To Your Clients / Guests?

– Five Core People Skills

– How Do You Get To Helping People Buy?

– Quality Time Commits

– The Triangle

– Are You Leading Or Managing Your Team?

– The Formula For Year Over Year Success

– The 33 System

– Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

– The Fundamentals Of Selling And Helping People Buy

– Why Do People Buy?

– The Motivation – Your Clients / Guests And Yours

– Fact Finding Questions

– How Well Are You Following Up With Your Clients?

– The T3 Follow Up System

– Making The Phone Your Best Friend

– Deciding To Commit To Sustained Growth

– Conversation Pieces

– Why Finance?

– Why Leasing Makes More Sense?

– The Difference Between The Best Payment & The Best Transaction

– The Reasons Why You Should Lease

– The Proposal & The Benefit Of Presenting Options

– Are You A 300%?

– The Four Square Presentation

– Below Average, Average & Above Average – What Are You?

– One On One Basics For Management

– Objection Handling Your Way To Success

– Diffusing “I Need To Think About It”

– What’s My Trade Worth?

– What’s Your Best Price?

– What Do You Do Every Day Compared To What You Should Be Doing Every Day?

And So Much More!