Peter is a true friend. His development program is creative and his energy keeps me engaged. He has been very helpful in mentoring me in my career.

Aaron Ocho

Peter consistently helps us grow as a company, and as individuals. His attention to detail, follow up and passion for his program is inspiring and simply WORKS! He covers all areas of potential profitability for our company and we are very grateful for his commitment to our overall success. Not only that, he is a true family man and treats all of our employees like family too. Thank you Peter !!

Aaron Wilson

I attended Peter’s training and I have learned a lot from him. I’m using his formula for best payment VS best transaction and I love it.

Abdulatif Daghmach

This was amazing for sales development! All aspects of this training I can apply to my work day and tweak aspects of how I do things to better myself.

Abel Glass

Highly Recommend!

Adam Serhal

Always thankful to receive the knowledge that Peter supplies us with! Looking forward to learning more in the future!

Adam Woods

Great presentation and info! Looking forward to the next time Peter visits!

Adam Woods

Professional, to the point, sincere, and very knowledgable. These are the words I would use to describe Peter and his seminars. I would highly reccomend him to anyone who is looking to take their business to the next level. They say there are things that can't be taught, for everything else, you can count on Peter!

Adnan S.

His training blew my mind. Amazing!

Alexander Bandula

Peter was incredible! The skills he imparted my team and I with will not only improve our success, but will ensure our customers and clients will have a fantastic experience every visit, and be sure to continue coming to our dealership just to experience it again.
Thank you Peter!!

Alexander Patterson

Peter Herbert taught us the difference between the best payment and the best transaction among other things like how to make the best use of our 86,400 seconds we are given each day. He shared his wisdom, experience and advice that will further enhance our customer experience. It was a pleasure having him here at our dealership. On behalf of the team here, thank you Peter.

Allen Coosemans


Amanda Hill

11/10 Experience! Peter was very thorough. I would recommend anyone in the customer service world to listen to what this man has to say! Very professional and kind. I couldn't say enough about the experience.

Amanda Hill

Peter was energetic, calm and very charismatic. The training was very educational and I applied it after the second day of training to a deal I was working. Thanks for taking the time to come to our store Peter! We hope to see you again.

Amy Elliott

Peter came to Island Owl to work with me and my team. The attention to detail and helpful information he imparted on all of us has been a great tune up and discussion point that we have continued discussing. He does a fantastic job of taking your core values and building on them in an amazingly helpful way. Thank you Peter!

Ben Coyle

Thank you for everything Peter!

Brenda West

Peter is an outstanding trainer, and is very motivational.

Cathy Poole

Peter has a refreshing approach to how the automotive industry and product specialists operate. His ability to share his knowledge in a clear and practical manner allows you to easily implement tactics that he teaches. I highly recommend his services.
Thank you Peter!

Charline Haigh

Peter puts on a great training session and keeps you engaged during the whole time. Very good information and stays in touch after for any hep needed. We at Bourgeois Nissan in Midland were very happy with our time with Peter. Thanks again.

Chris Horton

Peter provides effective and easy to implement changes to enhance client facing interactions. Really positive workshop.

Clarence Yue

Peter is extremely friendly and professional. His process is smooth and easy, while still being very informative.

Connor Monks

The training Peter offers to a Dealership is highly recommended!

Dan Matthews

Peter is extremely knowledgeable & professional. He helped paint a picture for using real life examples that were very relatable. The presentation was very interactive & he kept my attention the entire time. He didn't give me any answers, versus he lead me on how to figure it out myself. He is extremely organized & knows his stuff! I have so much knowledge now. I cannot wait until he comes back. He genuinely cares about my success which is what you want in a coach. Highly recommend!

Dana Brewer

Peter is innovative, insightful and truly passionate about his craft. My team has taken very well to his training and I will most certainly continue to use Peter throughout our building process.

David James

Peter's approach to the business and how he treats the Team and the Clients is second to none. It has been great having him as a mentor.

Dayton Inglis

Peter Herbert provide to Nissan and Mitsubishi finance several training of high standard quality.
Peter know how to speak to dealers and he is able to engage and empower them. Peter trainings are customers and sales results oriented. More than just delivering a training Peter is able to follow up with dealers and ensure an action plan is put in place.

Franck Litim

Glad I got to meet Peter today he was very resourceful on phone etiquette. Provided lots of information on conversational pieces and how to handle all types of customer/client personalities.

Geordi Shepherd

I have an experience of about more then 9 years in sales( in a banking background) and because of that I have probably attended hundreds of different training programs and I find Peter to be the very best in the professional manner that he carries all his training sessions and also the techniques of how to make it work and a never give up attitude which is a must in Sales professionals. Peter is highly recommended to all who want to establish themselves in Sales especially Car Industry Sales....

Gurtej Dhillon

I have been lucky enough to have been in a couple of Peter's sales training courses. Everytime I take in something new. His classes are upbeat and engaging, while maintaining a professional environment.

Hope Mcleod

I was skeptical at first as I have attended many training sessions in my career. However, as time passed I really could see the value in the content. Would recommend Peter 100%.

Hugh W.

Peter’s workshops are awesome and fun. I enjoy going to his workshops everytime, I always come out of there learning something and to better my self.

Jas Sharma

I've worked with a number of trainers & training programs over the years & Peter stands head & shoulders above the rest. His commitment to integrity & transparency will have your team building a business that will grow & prosper. His knowledge & understanding of sales & the car business in general; allows him to come into a store, identify any issues & immediately come up with a plan to address any shortcomings & build on your strengths. You will enjoy his energy & benefit from his expertise.

Jeff Kruse

Training with Peter Herbert at Cameron's Brewery was very rewarding and will help develop my career in the car business. Tons of usable word tracks, overcoming objections, and much more. Highly recommended

Jesse S.

Peter brings a professional, highly motivating and personal approach to sales training. His ability to clearly convey his message is refreshing and appreciated. If you are interested in hiring Peter as a mentor to your sales team, I highly recommend it.

Joe Ong

Very professional and has real life experience to share.

Joseph Sweet

It's been an absolute honor working with Peter and going through the refreshing outlooks he has, on an ever evolving lndustry. Tons of valuable information, and any team that needs a hand improving any aspect of their sales process will gain an incredible amount of knowledge in the time with him. Highly recommended!

Josh Irvine

Through the help of Peter, and everything he put together with his T3 program for myself and the rest of my sales team, I feel more confident in what I do moving forward. Very easy to follow, fantastic information, and lead by a man who truly wants everyone to succeed. Thanks again Peter!

JR Hutchinson

Well done Peter!

Katherine Bylow

Recently had a course with Peter. It was a great class. he has great knowledge in sales and personal development. He speaks slowly and makes sure to answer and objectify all questions presented. I really enjoy his over all presence he brings to a room. I would highly recommend taking a course.

Katie Froment

Thank you Peter for the amazing opportunity to learn from you it’s always an eye opener!!
Can not wait for the next opportunity!!!!!

Katie Lemay

Peter, on behalf of our team, Thank-You. The experience we had with you was OUTSTANDING & by far the most engaging sales development we have ever experienced. The assets you have provided us with will forever be utilized. Your training has given us the ability to achieve our goals and implement a full circle process like no other. We will be forever grateful for the knowledge you have provided us with.

For those looking to take your business to the next level, look no further.

Ken Lecesse

Peter is very good at what he does. His presentation is at the right speed to keep you engaged without overwhelming you. Everything is explained in plain English to make it easy to understand and implement when working with customers. Definite increased profits as a result

Ken Seger

Peter has great enthusiasm as a trainer. As a new member to the car industry the session with Peter took me miles forward in my development and learning, while instilling confidence and support. Thanks again Peter!

Kobe Doi

I cannot say enough great things about Peter and the quality of his training. His training incorporates every learning style, is in-depth and informative, and real-world applicable. Peter himself is a very professional and personable person. He makes you feel welcome and engages everyone throughout his program. Every concept is thoroughly explained and he took the time to answer any and every question that arose.
One of the best training experiences I've experienced.

Kyle Armstrong

Peter is highly professional, passionate and personable! Still using the provided booklet as a resource

Leah Marie

Peter I greatly appreciate your lesson the other day and would greatly advise others to attend them, I could not have been happier with the instructions and very relax coaching.

Leonardo Ventura

With 14 years in the business I have had the opportunity to work with many trainers. Peter is absolutely phenomenal, you can tell that what he teaches is real world tried and tested. What he brings to the table is years of experience that he relays in a relateable manner. I would recommend his training to everyone. Knowledgeable and a general all around great person! Thanks for all you help Peter!

Lucas A.

Highly recommend bringing Peter into your store for training. He brings light to other ways of thinking and motivates an overall review of yourself and how you operate day to day.

Max Heersink

Peter's program kept me engaged from the very beginning. He really provided a lot of insight and knowledge from all his years of experience. His training was the first I had that kept me awake and engaged throughout the entire process. Best training I've received in a very long time. Highly recommend Peter and T3 Engagement to better advance yourself!!

Mina Guirguis

Peter Herbert is amazing coach and mentor. Delivers the message in a clear and concise way. Recommend to anyone who wants to master their craft and sharpen their skills!

Mitch James

Peter was great! His classes were exciting and engaging. I learned a lot even after 35 years of business. I would recommend his training courses to anyone.

Mitsubishi Motors Financial Services

I started in business about year ago and I was fortunate to have have the opportunity to be in his program few weeks after I started and looking back I can say without a doubt that he had one of the biggest impact on my journey specially for someone who's not there and the knowledge I got from his course i will use for the rest of my career.

Moe Aysawi

I’ve had 2 separate training courses with Peter and he was amazing both times! He’s got great energy and I like that he tackles any question or objection right away. I left his training with more knowledge on leases and confidence to help my clients! Would highly recommend! Thanks again Peter!! See you next time!

Nataly Vu

Look forward to his training sessions every year !!! Always something new to learn. Full of energy and enthusiasm!

Nesrin Darrat

Great experience!

Niv N.

Attended a Corporate Dealer workshop with Peter and thoroughly enjoyed his presentation. He presented his wealth of knowledge clearly and concisely while also keeping us interested and engaged. Would definitely recommend his services!

Patrick O'Donovan

Had Peter come to our dealership, money well spent. Absolutely amazing presentation and very knowledgeable information that can very easily be applied in everyone's process. Very very recommended

Ralf Himself

Great training and great instructor. Have already applied what I've learned and it helps a lot! Thank you Peter!!

Ranj Charagh

Very informative, I would recommend it.

RC Hobby

Peter is a wealth of knowledge and he leads by example. He cares about his work and it really shows. We will definitely be using his services again in the future. Thanks Peter for all your help!

Rick Dhudwal

What I experienced while Peter Herbert was here changed how I look at the way I interact with my clients. More so it gave me confidence in my abilities and has already improved how work with my clients. Peter does some amazing work and I encourage every dealership to adopt what Peter teaches.

Ripplay Ripples

Peter has been a huge help everytime hes visited our store. Always a pleasure to work with!

Robbie Perks

Peter is very good at what he does. Very engaging and professional sales training.

Robert La Fauci

Recently hired Peter to train my entire Sales staff and the feedback was amazing from my team. Peter was very thorough in all his training and was able to bring a fresh new attitude back to the dealership. Peter has maintained communication with our dealership well past our training days. Highly recommend Peter for any individual or team training.

Roger Bhajan

Amazing Training, always on point, the way he presents and breaks down every part of the agenda, makes it easier to understand.

Always good to refresh your mind by going again to the trainings because you always see something from a different angle or perspective even if its the same training, you get out of there learning something new.

Thank you for the extra knowledge Peter.

Ronald Marin

A great motivator, mentor and family man. Thank you for training the Family Ford Team in Parksville.

Shawn Hildebrandt

Peter is engaging and charismatic. He was very thorough in teaching us how to help ourselves more proficient in developing a customer base that will keep us in control of our workloads. There was a lot of material but it was presented in a manner that made for easy learning and application in the interview process.

Shayne Menecola

Worth the time spent in training. Peter is very passionate in what he does. He knows what he is talking. Learnt some new skills. I have no hesitation in saying that I can attend more of his training. More than anything else, it is an interactive session.

Srinivas Varanasi

Fantastic training experience, I leaned a lot of valuable information from these sessions. Thank you Peter!

Stelios Spiliotopolous

Peters passion for his craft is inspirational. After spending a short time with him, My entire outlook changed. Thank you sir!

Stephen Reilly

Peter is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He has given me guidance and strategies that have taken myself and our team to new heights in our dealership. I would recommend Peter's coaching to anyone who wants to improve their skills in a Sales environment. Thank you again T3!

Stuart Dancey

Peter! You have GREATLY exceeded my expectations.

Your presentation was easy to follow and your message was POWERFUL!
I am forever grateful for your time, and your lessons.

Thank you again, and I am looking forward to the next time we meet!

Trey Anthony

Peter was very knowledgable and provided skills and know how that I can start putting to use on the floor right away

Tyler Shafir

Peter is professional, and exceptional trainer. As I am new to automobile business, he gave me a lot of information, tips, and strategies on how to create a long-term, and valuable relationships with my future clients. Moreover, his workshops are well structured, and helpful for every sales person. I had 4 awesome days of training with Peter. I am sure that his knowledge shared with me and my team will help us to have more sales and more happy clients!

Vladlen Oleineac