Exceptional Service, Exceptional Engagement

Last week, T3 Engagement & Sales Development, took the week to work on Business Development and contact existing Clients and to also prospect for New Clients. 
A majority of our Clients are in the Automotive Industry, but we have branched out to work with any business that wants more productivity out of their Teams.  Increased productivity, as you are aware, usually results in increased profitability. 
If you work with Clients, be it that they are Face To Face, Online, or on the Phone, we would like to have an opportunity to work with you to help your People and your Business further develop and grow. 
The “climate and the culture” in many businesses are becoming less and less engaging and today’s Clients / Guests are looking for a great experience!  They are choosing to come and see you because you are the Professional that is going to help them justify the decision that they have already made, or are about to make, based on their 20 – 23 hours of research, and they require your knowledge, expertise, and experience. 
We share several ideas on Psychology and Human Behaviour (especially when making large purchase decisions), Tracking & Accountability, The Process, Phone & Internet Skills, Relationship Building, and so much more. 
A special thank you to all of the Teams that we have worked with over the years and a special thank you to everybody that has taken the time to provide Google Reviews, Facebook and LinkedIn Recommendations, as well as those that have sent me “heartfelt” messages that let me know that what I am doing is definitely making a difference!
T3 would like to have an opportunity to come and work with your Team(s) and for more information on what we do, please give me a call at 778.319.7216 and also click here (https://we.tl/t-go9BpBmsel) to download information on some of the Services that we provide. 
Have a great week!
Peter Herbert
Performance Development & Motivational Coach

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